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W&K are the kind of couple you just really want to be best friends with. They’re the most delightful mixture of kind, sassy, beautiful, and rad, which made our meetings feel more like wedding planning-themed hangouts. On top of that, every single element of their wedding day was so thoughtfully curated and true to what makes them unique together, including: multiple personalized signs, 100+ hand-folded paper cranes, mementos from their incredible trip to Japan, and a ceremony procedure I’d never seen before that consisted of them tasting 5 different elements together (traditionally 4 – sour, bitter, hot, sweet – but W&K added their own element of umami, mostly because they freaking love oysters).

Color Scheme: navy blue, orange, sage green, gold accent
Favorite Décor Elements: the zany tea party theme, custom signage, and GOLD GLITTER EVERYWHERE.
Favorite Moment: at the end of their wedding day, when W grabbed both of my arms, looked me in the eyes, and said “You. Are. The. Shit.” Still recovering from my heart bursting with happiness.

Here’s to so many years of adventures + happiness, W&K!! Can’t wait to see where life takes you next.

|| Gorgeous images via Matt Priestman Photography ||

















Venue: Maplehurst Farm
Wedding Coordinator: Krisanna || Krisanna Elizabeth Events
Photographer: Matt || Matt Priestman Photography
Floral Designer: Haggen Floral Department (via Market Street Catering)
Caterer: Haggen/Market Street Catering
Desserts: Haggen/Market Street Catering
DJ/MC: Adrian || CityDJ
Officiant: James Carr (friend of W&K)
Hair Styling/Makeup Artistry: Carly Crossley
Bridal Shop: New Beginnings Bridal
Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom
Invitations: Maxwell Churchill
Rentals: Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals


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E&B | Maplehurst Farm Wedding | September | Bellingham Wedding Planner


It is rare (read: basically impossible) for me to find people who rival my love for dessert. That was the first sign that my wedding planning adventures with Emily & Brian were going to be something else entirely. Then there was the laughter. And the level of real that E&B bring to the table – real love, real intentions, real grace, real fun. And, of course, the way that B looks at E. Got me every time.

E&B’s Maplehurst Farm wedding was classy and full of the industry’s best, but also so low-key and fun. The only hitch? The absolutely insane wind. This was not your every day “oh hey, its kinda windy” occasion… this was a “oh hey, there goes a water goblet” kinda deal. It may look nice and calm in those tablescape images (so perfectly captured by Michèle Waite), but let me tell ya: it came down to me having to make the call at the very last second to keep those dinner tables under that beautiful tree-lined lane because I knew that E had been dreaming of that setup for months and months. And yes, every single person on E&B’s vendor team thought I was insane (direct quote from Jessica, owner of Ciao Thyme: “you’re crazy”). But, in a crazy turn of events, the dark skies held the rain and wind for the entirety of the ceremony and the wind completely died down during dinner. #blessed

One of the best things about working with E&B was their undying trust in me and their team. In addition to trusting me with the coordination of their wedding day, they also trusted me to do their place cards + dessert labels when I was just getting started in the calligraphy field. These little details ended up being one of my favorite projects ever – specifically the hand-painted moutains that mimic the ones on their guestbook. Speaking of details: the amount of culinary detail that Ciao Thyme brought to the table (literally) was unreal (see below), Kelly of Country Bouquets Floral added the perfect floral details to every inch of the day, and can we just take a moment to appreciate the magic that is Michèle’s ability to capture all of the most important moments?

K, I’m ready – let’s do it again. Wind and all.
So much love to E&B and to a vendor team that trusted my crazy weather decisions!

All imagery © Michèle Waite




















Venue: Maplehurst Farm
Coordinator: Krisanna || Krisanna Elizabeth Events
Photographer: Michele || Michèle M. Waite Photography
Floral Designer: Kelli || Country Bouquets Floral
Caterer: Ciao Thyme
Cakes: Pure Bliss Desserts
Pies: Bellewood Acres + The Flying Pig
DJ/MC: friend of E&B
Officiant: Matt Gooch
Hair Styling: Salon Bellissima
Makeup Artist: Ashley || Love Beauty
Bridal Shop: Belltown Bride
Bridal Gown Designer: Amy Kuschel
Invitation Suite: Spruce
Place Cards + Dessert Labels: Krisanna Elizabeth Design
Mismatched Plates + Antique Furniture: Maplehurst Farm
Water Goblets + Champagne Flutes: Bellingham Wedding & Event Rentals

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