A&J | July 2016 | DeLille Cellars Chateau | Woodinville Wedding Planner

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I was introduced to A by my sister (they trained in ballet in college together), so even before I met her for the first time, I had heard so much about how beautiful she was, inside and out. She is that girl who instantly makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever and the girl who gives you the most genuine, radiant smile + a hug the first time you meet (which is relevant because those of you who know me know that I am a self-titled “hugger”). And J is her rad counterpart — that guy who, upon finding out that I am a hugger, greeted me at their rehearsal with “I know you’re a hugger, so we’ll just start with a hug”. So basically, several lowkey heart-bursting-with-happiness moments working with these two.

A&J rocked a Thursday wedding – at the beautiful DeLille Cellars Chateau in Woodinville, WA – and from A’s fairytale princess dress (and shoes!!) to the live band serenading their guests on the dance floor, it was honestly pretty dang perfect. But more than that, their ability to tackle adversity together as a team, and the raw, real respect + adoration they have for each other is something I consider to be a whole different level of perfection — a glimpse into a marriage that will be just as beautiful as their wedding.

Color Scheme: bright jewel tones
Favorite Décor Elements: minimalistic DIY elements – created with love by A, the willingness to go BIG with bold blooms + textures, and J’s burgundy suit (yes, this counts as a decor element).
Favorite Moments: J losing it when he saw his bride walking down the aisle, watching A’s infectious laughter bring joy to each and every guest throughout the day, and the 4 hours of live music (I love my DJs, but there is something so magical about live music at a wedding).

Cheers + love to Mr. & Mrs. Byrd!!

|| Beautiful captures via B. Jones Photography ||

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

View More: http://bjones.pass.us/ja2016

Venue: DeLille Cellars Chateau
Wedding Coordinator: Krisanna | Krisanna Elizabeth Events
Photographer: Becca | B. Jones Photography
Floral Designer: friend of A&J
Caterer: Ravishing Radish
Cake: The Cake Walk Shop
Band: The Side Project
Hair Styling: Dakota | Elle Marie Salon
Makeup Artistry: MAC
Officiant: friend of A&J
Bridal Boutique: Hermosa Bridal
Bridal Accessories:
Earrings – BHLDN | Hair piece: Eleven Skies Studio | Shoes: Bella Belle Shoe
Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: RenzRags

Let’s Connect!

I am a wedding planner + calligrapher, based in Seattle, serving internationally.
My biggest passion in life is helping other people and I whole-heartedly believe that the little things make the biggest impact. Animals + chocolate are my favorite forms of therapy. My favorite part of a wedding is the first dance and I cannot resist the Cupid Shuffle.

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M&M | July 2016 | Golden Gardens | Seattle Wedding Planner


I’ve literally had this draft saved for weeks. Photos chosen and placed, vendors listed, the best memories relived. But this part? Sheesh, it is difficult to write a short blurb about two incredible people who I have so much love for.

Megan and I have known each other since high school — we were those best friends who had an enviable amount of inside jokes and spent the majority of our time writing notes to each other and laughing ’til we cried. Fast forward a few years, and I’m convincing M that she does, indeed, need a wedding planner and that I should somehow be lucky enough to have that honor. And what an absolute honor it was… M&M are intelligent beyond their years and consistently reminded me what a real relationship looks like. I got to watch them work as a team throughout our professional relationship as we planned their wedding together, and have gotten to see them work as a team through the most difficult of life’s realities as they perfect their marriage. It truly brings me so much joy knowing that one of my dearest friends found her match… I would go back and do their beach celebration 1,000 times if I could.

Color Scheme: ice blue, white, silver
Favorite Décor Elements: pops of vintage furniture/elements against the bathhouse brick walls, the 10-pane window seating chart, platters upon platters of cake pops.
Favorite Moments: the look on Megan’s face when she walked into the bathhouse for the reception reveal, the incorporation of live music via the ceremony violinist + the cocktail hour band, and the overall love + joy that emanated between M&M — whether they were in each other’s arms or all the way across the room. Oh and Tux. On a. Beach.

To one of the most #goals couples out there — I cannot wait to see everything you do together, M&M!

|| Stunning photos via Alexandra Celia Photography ||


























Venue: Golden Gardens Bathhouse
Wedding Coordinator: Krisanna | Krisanna Elizabeth Events
Photographer: Alexandra | Alexandra Celia Photography
Floral Designer: Vivian | The Flower Lady
Caterer: Susan Magan Catering
Cake + Cake Pops: Dianne’s Delights
Band: friends of M&M
Ceremony Violinist: Brooksley Bishop
Custom Signage Lettering: Krisanna Elizabeth Design
MC: Jen Harrison
Hair Styling + Makeup Artistry: Salon Maison
Officiant: Anay Shah
Bridal Boutique: The Dress Theory
Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Rentals: Pedersen’s Event Rentals
Vintage Signs/Glass Frames: Vintage Ambiance
Set-up/Tear-down Crew: Ladybugs Events
Transportation: Seattle Limo Company

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J&C | July 2016 | Guemes Island Resort | Guemes Island Wedding Planner


Oh my goodness. This wedding. Well, more specifically, this couple. I just took a quick walk down memory lane as I went through all of the emails that J and I sent each other during our 5-month planning adventure and it’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy in my heart. J&C booked me from afar (California) and our very first phone call felt like catching up with an old friend. Shortly after we made our collab official, J started her emails to me with “hey, babe” and I would respond with “hi, love”. All of our interactions were so casual and split between talking about life outside of wedding planning + me being my Type A self while J calmly stayed true to her Type B counterpart. We balanced each other out well and planned one heck of a beautiful, logistics-heavy, lowkey wedding.

Color Scheme: navy blue, neutrals, pops of orange
Favorite Décor Elements: driftwood ceremony arch with gorgeous blooms, neutral-colored glassybabys on the guest tables (that doubled as guest favors), pebbles + shells hand-gathered from the Guemes Island beach.
Favorite Moment: J’s spontaneous decision to jump in as the official cake cutter. Guests lined up and got to spend a few minutes talking to her while she cut them their choice of Deru cake. It was perfect.

PS, do not think I’ve forgotten about C! I didn’t get to meet him until they were finally in Washington for their wedding weekend, but he greeted me for the first time with the warmest smile + hug and I remember immediately thinking “Yep. These two were made for each other.”

Cheers, J&C. I wish we could go back and do it all over again.

|| Beautiful captures via Ben Blood Photography ||





















Venue: Guemes Island Resort
Wedding Coordinator: Krisanna || Krisanna Elizabeth Events
Photographer: Ben || Ben Blood Photography
Floral Designer: Kelli || Country Bouquets Floral Design
Caterer: Paellaworks
Cakes: Deru Market
Officiant: Dan Lamberton (friend of J&C)
Bridal Shop: Lovely – NYC
Bridal Dress Designer: Rue de Seine
Invitations: Kate Dickinson (friend of J&C)
Rentals: Seattle Farm Tables & Pacific Party Canopies

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W&K || June 2016 || Maplehurst Farm || Mt. Vernon Wedding Planner


W&K are the kind of couple you just really want to be best friends with. They’re the most delightful mixture of kind, sassy, beautiful, and rad, which made our meetings feel more like wedding planning-themed hangouts. On top of that, every single element of their wedding day was so thoughtfully curated and true to what makes them unique together, including: multiple personalized signs, 100+ hand-folded paper cranes, mementos from their incredible trip to Japan, and a ceremony procedure I’d never seen before that consisted of them tasting 5 different elements together (traditionally 4 – sour, bitter, hot, sweet – but W&K added their own element of umami, mostly because they freaking love oysters).

Color Scheme: navy blue, orange, sage green, gold accent
Favorite Décor Elements: the zany tea party theme, custom signage, and GOLD GLITTER EVERYWHERE.
Favorite Moment: at the end of their wedding day, when W grabbed both of my arms, looked me in the eyes, and said “You. Are. The. Shit.” Still recovering from my heart bursting with happiness.

Here’s to so many years of adventures + happiness, W&K!! Can’t wait to see where life takes you next.

|| Gorgeous images via Matt Priestman Photography ||

















Venue: Maplehurst Farm
Wedding Coordinator: Krisanna || Krisanna Elizabeth Events
Photographer: Matt || Matt Priestman Photography
Floral Designer: Haggen Floral Department (via Market Street Catering)
Caterer: Haggen/Market Street Catering
Desserts: Haggen/Market Street Catering
DJ/MC: Adrian || CityDJ
Officiant: James Carr (friend of W&K)
Hair Styling/Makeup Artistry: Carly Crossley
Bridal Shop: New Beginnings Bridal
Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom
Invitations: Maxwell Churchill
Rentals: Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals

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R&J || April 2016 || Rosehill Community Center || Seattle Wedding Planner

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I met R when I coordinated her friend’s wedding (here), so I was overjoyed when she contacted me about coordinating her own wedding a few months later! R&J are 2 of the most humble, kind, thoughtful humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with; qualities that overflowed into their wedding day, as we spent hours structuring their day in a way that would ensure that their guests had the best possible experience.

We transformed the beautiful blank slate that is the Rosehill Community Center into a classy black, white, and gold celebration, with hints of blush in the bridesmaids’ dresses & single-stem peonies. R is a professional singer, so each guest received a beautiful mini mixtape of her singing covers of classic songs as a favor and, to continue the singing theme, R&J had a boys’ a cappella group serenade guests throughout the Cocktail Hour (this should honestly be a thing at all weddings, I was obsessed). And can we talk about that ceremony setup!? It’s nearly impossible to beat sheer drapes + greenery in my mind.

Aesthetics aside, I am truly so happy for this sweet couple; here’s to many more year of R&J!

|| Imagery: Matt Kuma Photography ||

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding



View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding


View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding

View More: http://mattkuma.pass.us/rachaelkimjohnparkwedding


Venue: Rosehill Community Center
Coordinator: Krisanna || Krisanna Elizabeth Events
Photographer: Matt || Matt Kuma Photography
Videographer: Michael || Kang Videography
Floral Designer: Jooni Sung (friend of R&J)
Caterer: Whole Foods
Staffing/Bartending: Prive Bars
Cakes: Whole Foods
DJ: Sam (friend of R&J)
MC: Joe (friend of R&J)
Officiant: Jay Morgan – Community Church of Seattle
Boys’ A Capella Group: Kamiak High School
Hair Styling: Kate Kim Beauty
Makeup Artist: Kate Kim Beauty
Bridal Shop: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom
Rentals: Pedersen’s Rentals

I’d love to collaborate with you in your wedding planning adventures – let’s connect!

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Connection || LTT Tuesdays


It’s one of those weeks when I thought “surely, I’m Superwoman”. Turns out I’m not.
Hence, we’ve got this week’s blog for LTT Tuesdays on a Wednesday, but I’m freaking determined to keep this biweekly thing a thang, so let’s do this.

We’re midway through January, the initial New Year’s resolutions are fading a tad bit (I chose to make a 6-Month Goals plan instead this year… slightly less intimidating), but one of the things that has truly never faded over the years is my deep love for human connection. It’s crazy when I actually take a step back and think about every single person who has somehow been a part of my life, but even crazier to think that I share(d) a unique connection with each of those people and that every single one of those connections somehow enhanced who I am as a person. I honestly don’t care if it’s connecting about a shared love for the Backstreet Boys or if it’s a deeper emotional connection that shakes me to my core; not much makes me happier than having that sudden realization mid-conversation that I’ve formed a bond with someone.

Even though connections genuinely define who I am as a person, too often, I take it for granted when someone shares a story close to their heart or is vulnerable about something they might consider embarrassing or shameful. Too often, I forget that it is an honor to connect on any level with another person, whether it’s a 3-hour phone call that leaves my heart feeling full, or mutually supporting each other’s creative endeavors, or just simply watching a favorite TV show together and laughing at the exact same time. Even a “like” or comment from someone on social media is something that should never be taken for granted, as it’s just another way of conveying that you’re staying connected. And let’s be honest, inside jokes are, quite possibly, THE BEST form of connection. Long story long, I’ve seen some really beautiful things happen when 2 (0r more) humans connect.

So here’s to a year full of twinkly, heart-warming, laugh-til-you-cry, inspirational, vulnerable, magical connections. And, more importantly, here’s to being conscious of each and every moment or conversation that adds to your “connections pile”. Because at the end of the day, nothing matters more.

Connection Goals
(1) Stay mindful of each connection and really, truly cherish them. (2) Write down as many connection moments as possible – some of my favorite memories have been dredged up because I jotted them down on my phone or in my planner! (3) Work hard to build + maintain the connections that bring the most meaning to life.

Little Things Theory Applications
 A shared love for a sports team or cocktail. || When someone says exactly what you’re thinking at the exact same time you were thinking it. || A hug. || When someone feels safe enough that they will laugh or cry with you. || That distinct moment when an acquaintance turns into a friend, due to someone being vulnerable. || Connecting with a group of other people because of a shared creative endeavor.

xo, Krisanna

Timing || LTT Tuesdays


Would I do 2016 again if I had the choice? My initial thought is “nah”.
But when I think about it more, my answer slowly shifts to “yes”. And if there’s one thing that hit hard this year, it was the fact that timing. is. everything. (sorry to rose gold, Deru cake, and dapple dachshunds – timing tops the Everything list). Hence, our first LTT Tuesday topic!

This year was one hell of a rollercoaster in more ways than I could ever recount without writing a legitimate novel. It was a year that brought me back to the phrase “Trust the Timing of Your Life” over and over and over – one of the first things I ever wrote out + framed when I started playing around with calligraphy and truly one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn (still learning).

But timing has shaped my life in ways I could’ve never imagined; ways I’ve had to learn to love. I’ve found that, more often than not, you have zero control over the timing of the crucial turning points in your life and beyond zero control over whether or not your timing matches up with another human’s timing, whether it’s a gal pal or a love interest. The timing for milestones on your life’s path will not be the same as your friends’/colleagues’ timing – it’s true that every person has their own path (even if you may sometimes want someone else’s path). If I try to force things to go the way I want them to, timing slaps me in the face. Sometimes those slaps are the best freaking things ever. Sometimes they bring more happiness than I would’ve found doing it my way. And if they bring despair or discouragement or anxiety, it dissipates and reshapes itself as something beneficial over… time. See what I mean? It’s everything.

Timing Goals
(1) Stop comparing my timing to other people’s (seemingly perfect) timing, aka trust the timing of my own path. (2) Stay mindful that sometimes what seems like the absolute worst timing can lead you right on over to the best moments of your life. (3) Let go when the timing just isn’t right, no matter how much it might hurt at first. It’s better in the long run.

Little Things Theory Applications
 Running into an old friend because you decided to stop by Starbucks on a whim. || An epiphany when you’re going through a dry spell. || Connecting with another person on a whole new level. || Your favorite song on the radio the second you get in the car. || A smile from a stranger on a hard day. || Meeting someone/experiencing something amazing when you are least expecting it.

xo, Krisanna